The Second Glimpse of Dresden

After a long and pensive ride from Venice, we found ourselves in Germany again. Guten Morgen, Deutschland! You just know the Autobahn when you are on one. There was something reassuring about coming here now after a string of romantic destinations we had visited and seen colours changing dramatically from bluest blue to menacingly grey. It felt almost as if we had had our feet back on the ground. Our final overnight trip ran smoothly and we were starting to get travel blues already knowing it was not too long till we had to set out on the journey back. We stopped for a nice German breakfast somewhere outside Dresden. It was a really brisk morning and we knew this substantial meal would keep us going through that last but one day of our travels. I felt a bit German (which to me is nothing compared to the way I had been feeling over the last couple of days soaking up all the romance) in this authentic diner. I found myself really spoilt for choice and thanks to the guide for an excellent food suggestion because that goulash soup was fabulous and I even attempted to cook one back at home! Well, if anything, it bore a strong resemblance to our national dish called borsch which we found ourselves craving for at that point. After the visit to Venice, I had to struggle to keep all the cravings I was having at the moment in check but this is what you do, I guess. Munching away at my what looked a bit too much for an ordinary breakfast, I was marvelling at the spot-on service and also felt my travel records starting taking shape in my mind and that’s how I knew the most romantic bits of this trip were now over… A bunch of cheerful elderly German fellow travellers standing outside the diner made me contemplate what I would love to be if I live to be their age. I’d sure want to be able to afford to go back to this exact place for this exact meal…
A quick ride later, we found ourselves in the heart of Dresden, in Theaterplatz. Early morning here in the centre of Dresden. It felt like something that had already happened at around the same time a year ago. I looked around to see everything in place – the buildings, the sky and the feel… But this time around we would enjoy the place on our own. I love that sense of familiarity you get after the awkwardness and insecurity of the first visit is over and you start feeling comfortable when it’s just you and the city… Zwinger was just a short walk from Theaterplatz but I felt so pleased with myself for knowing my way around now. There was almost no one here, except for a few early birds who came here too. I felt like running around, screaming with joy and I don’t know why I did… No guide to follow, the green grass (just to match my mental image of the Mediterranean) was all I seemed to need to be content with myself and where I was in and I was certainly in a good place! “Remember when we first came here we saw crowds of people coming right out of there?” I never loved to reminisce so much in my life… The views of the complex from the balcony were also reminiscent! The whole space inside the Zwinger was just beautiful and that was all I had to say really! It was as if I had just recovered from Venice and to see Dresden… It all had a dreamlike taste to it.








We popped into the Old Masters’ Gallery because we had some unfinished business with it. We needed to buy an art watch we failed to get the first time we came. Well, we ended up not getting any because those they had on sale at the moment weren’t good but I got hold of a lovely book about the Old Masters’ Gallery that we visited during our first visit and I think I might be developing an interest in art, which, I think, is essential in order to become a sophisticated human being!
There was a little time left before we were due to go outside the city for a bit of shopping and we went down to the Elbe bank to enjoy the early morning view. We were doing so to the sound of the Russian language being spoken by people passing by and someone playing Katyusha, a legendary wartime song. A bit of Russia in the heart of Dresden seemed out of place but it might be just me… There was something reassuring about the views of the river we got and it felt safe to be in Germany. This area of Dresden is quite small and you don’t need too much time to get an idea of what it is like. It was time to wrap up our little tour and meet up with the rest of the group.





Our shopping experience outside the city was pretty average and probably we should have spent this time exploring more of the city instead. But that was an experience anyway and I did get a new bag which is always good news for a lady. Danke, Dresden!
It was going to be several hours before we found ourselves in Poland again.

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