Kaliningrad Region. Natural Environment

It seemed symbolic to start my exploration of Kaliningrad Region by spending a while taking in the views of the Baltic Sea at sunset in the town of Zelenogradsk (formerly Cranz), our base for the next few days. Living in a country known for its harsh climate during a good part of the year we still see a sea … Continue reading Kaliningrad Region. Natural Environment

30-Minute Writing Sketches in Sochi

PART 3. SOCHI Episode 8. A Morning in Central Sochi, 11.03am, April 22 Three days ago, excited for this final leg of the trip I got back to the sea. A long bus ride from Esto- Sadok took me to Sochi, the Russian Black Sea pearl, the country’s unofficial summer capital, the city that epitomizes a sea holiday in the minds of a lot … Continue reading 30-Minute Writing Sketches in Sochi

30-Minute Writing Sketches in Esto-Sadok

PART 2. ESTO-SADOK Episode 5. A Mid-Afternoon in the Mountains, Esto-Sadok, 2.55pm, April 17 The first morning in Esto-Sadok-Sadok I am sitting here in my cozy apartment watching the Western Caucasus mountains working magic of their own. My building looks somewhat like a Swiss mountain chalet offering awe-inspiring views of the Aibga Ridge from each of the apartments. … Continue reading 30-Minute Writing Sketches in Esto-Sadok